Thursday, July 23, 2009

Learning Journal Terpilih (Bab 1)

Para pelajar semua,

Berikut ialah salah satu LJ terbaik untuk Bab 1. Lihat bagaimana menggabungjalinkan tema pengajaran dengan rempahratus kehidupan diri dan ahli keluarga. Terima kasih, ini contoh yang menarik.


I cannot believe that I will learn the history subject again! I thought that I would not learn history subject anymore after going to the university. July 13, 2009 was my first class of ‘hubungan etnik’. The ‘hubungan etnik’ class was start at 5 o’clock where everybody else was playing outdoor games after finish their class but I was stuck at that class with 10 others people. My lecturer, En. Zamri was starting the class by introducing himself then he talk about the course line of the subject. We started to learn the first chapter of ‘hubungan etnik’. En. Zamri talk about the event of 13 Mei 1969 where it’s open Malaysia eye’s and they started realize the important of being a harmony country which is not depend on the stabilization of politics only.

My father had told me before about the event of 13 Mei 1969. Kampung Baru was the most active place where the riot was happen. My village at Gombak also was one of the places where the riot occurred. The police officers were everywhere and my father told me that during the day they could not open the windows and doors. They must shut them. If not something bad will happened.

Fortunately, I was not born during that time. I am glad that I was born in 1990 where the society from all races can live together. I am feel very grateful nowadays everybody can respect and tolerance each other. This 13 Mei 1969 event makes me realize that everybody need the same right and being accept to each other. We must accept other races religion and cultures and by doing this we can show our respect and make our relationship become tighter. For example, Malaysia celebrates Hari Raya, Chinese New Year and Deepavali festival. It shows that everyone can live in the same country with different religion and different cultures when all can give their respect to each other.

Last but not least, I feel very grateful that I learn the ‘hubungan etnik’ subject with approximately 2 hours lecture will make me to understand more about ethnics in Malaysia and how government initiative to make Malaysia as a harmony country as our Prime Minister stress on ‘One Malaysia’. I love Malaysia!

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